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  1. Hello, I appreciated your response so much looked up your profile and lo and behold we are neighbors. I live in Carly's, la. Thanks again

  2. Thanks for the info on cracked slabs. That helps. If you give me your name that appeared on your birth certificate I can send more extensive info for you. I have a passion for helping others find their purpose and meaning in their lives. Have studied extensively in many directions. Amazing how it helps w/your relationships. So interesting and acurate. Ran out of space. later. Cyndi

  3. Hi there, no I don't mind input about Numerology, I find it all quite interesting, so if you have any other information, I would be most intrigued. About your cracked bottoms on your pots. I have a feeling this is due to too much use of water when joining. When I work with slabs, and score my slabs on both surface areas I then use a slip , which I make up as a paste from the clay I'm wo...

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