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  1. Great feedback! I realize that my current setup doesn't have the small increments you mentioned. Each small change actually has a much larger impact than expected. I need to rethink this as I require both granular inputs and a very high max temperature. I think a ribbon burner may be too much for this application. I love the heat and efficiency, but it seems to produce too much heat for the level of control I need. I'll do some research around the formulas you mentioned and see what I can figure out. Thanks again!
  2. Hi All! I am building my second small propane fired kiln, and looking for advice on managing the temperature. I built a ribbon burner for my first kiln, and found that it produced too much heat too quickly. In fact, it ended up melting my first round of pottery when I wasn't watching it closely enough. Anyway, how are you controlling the amount of heat in your gas fired kiln, and running it at a specific temperature? I'm hoping someone with experience can help save me from further stupidity. Thanks!
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