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    I've been working exclusively with porcelain for the last 8 years. Here's where the body is at now.
  2. I do private lessons 1-3 people for 1.5hours $60. 5 weeks is a good mini and it includes the first 25lb bag of clay. I find that I can schedule several of these a week and instead of draining my energy I really like the interaction with adult learners. I've made life long friends and have one lady who's been coming to me for 5 years. The 1-3 people makes it nice for them to buddy up or bring a friend, or choose to have the lesson all to their selves.
  3. I've found some great posters through Chinese Clay Art, also I've picked up wonderful materials from museum gift shops, most of which you can order online. I had a large bulletin board installed and have my students populate it with artists postcards from studio, art show visits and I put some up from NCECA and printouts of work I find on the web, ALSO I use the board to put up an artist of the week for kids to sketch and talk about. There are some great "how tos" and pots shape pages at the end of every pottery making illustrated. I pull out the "how tos" laminate them and have them handy for
  4. Community Art Sale attended by people who know me or have seen my work and live in my hometown.
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