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stannous chloride fumed orbs

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these are fired first with a commercial low fire and then raku fired and fumed with stannous chloride. The fumes released are seriously nasty. I learned this at a workshop and its not something to try without an experienced person to teach you. The method is described in the Alternative Firings book.   rakuku

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saw this done in england, the potters were dressed like astronauts. serious protection needed.  they put the pots onthe ground on old kiln shelves, sprayed the chemical and quickly put a bucket on top. then they added ashes all around the metal bucket to prevent smoke.  gorgeous results, check out Eeles family pottery.

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yeah, this chemical was not sprayed but rather a packet of the granular stannous chloride placed near the pieces, allowed to ignite and then covered with a metal canning pot.  we wore respirators and guarded the area to keep others away. there is only a few minutes of whitish smoke which dissipates quickly but i am told it has a hideous smell and is toxic.  managed to do it without experiencing it.   we are at a group studio so i do this rarely and only at odd hours with helpers.   rakuku

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