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High Bridge Pottery

Community Challenge #1

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post-64030-0-55583700-1430158691_thumb.jpgpost-64030-0-55737200-1430158734_thumb.jpgpost-64030-0-60323600-1430158771_thumb.jpgFINAL ENTRY.


In Latin, the meaning of the root atoms- is pressure. This entry captures moments of a previously unknown capacity of bunnies to travel inter-celestially. Because of the difference in atmospheric pressure between Venus and Mars (Venus = 1/1000 the pressure on Mars), the bunny shown landing on Venus (foreground) is buoyant and expanded, while the bunny who drew Mars in the rabbit celestial lottery found it to be a very weighty venture indeed. The image to the right is a bunny traveling into a black hole. We don't know what happened to that bunny after travel, as she has not been heard from or seen since.


Since we have several bunny-luvin' advocates on this forum, the bunnies want you to know that no bunny is harmed in the process of capturing their inter-celestial flight. All travel was consensual, informed and reimbursed according to the BITL (Bunny Interstellar Travel League) of which they are members.






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Soooo ... Even though it's my first time glaze firing stoneware - and I fired the chosen glaze to the wrong temperature, (see my post 'Bubbles in glaze'), I'm still uploading an entry because I think it's a great idea of Joel's (High Bridge Pottery) and feel I should give something back and not just 'take' from the forum.

I'm still struggling to get decent photos that don't exceed the maximum, so apologies if this pic isn't very good (like the piece itself!)post-13648-0-27804600-1430211123_thumb.jpg


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