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    Learning to wonderful world of Pottery.
  1. Yes please make a video, I love to see processes. Big fan of how it's made.
  2. RoGryphon

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    My wanderings in the world of ceramics.
  3. The stamps look really nice and detailed, love the helm of awe variation. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
  4. I was at Mt Laurel in Alabama, didn't sell much of anything. I like to do things like put kraken and sasquatch on my items so never sell a lot. I just enjoy the people watching. Very pretty day.
  5. Because there was a post "whatever happened to ..." I am showing the one successful hanging planter I made. The others tended to split at the seam. So work in progress. Thanks for all the helpful info.
  6. I have been really enjoying periscope. It allows me to watch in real time how potters work. I live in the middle of nowhere so haven't been able to take classes etc. The feed is only viewable for about 24hrs so you are not cluttering up you tube with "how I painted glaze on this particular piece" but people can watch what you do. Also you do have to check your followers regularly and block the unwanted ones.
  7. Should the inside be glazed or left unglazed? Thanks for all the great comments.
  8. Good day, the other day I saw a periscope on making hanging planters. Love periscope even though I end up watching late. So I thought what a nice idea but I'm not sure how well stoneware would do for planters. I fire to cone 6 and I tend to kill plants so I know very little on what is required to keep them alive. So I wondered if any of you wonderful clay people had thoughts on trying this. My mother actually keeps plants so thought would be nice mothers day gift. Thanks
  9. I made my own ribbon tool since my hands just won't do pulled handles. This is a piece of wire that I bent. The wire is normally used for putting up insulation, they go between the joists. I worked fine but I did cave and get myself an extruder that just arrived yesterday, whee.
  10. I have been doing yarn bowls also. Sold out of them at xmas. Since they are nice and thick great for a newbie potter. I dry upside down but do like the idea of leaving a bit at the top, will try that with next batch. I use a stoneware clay and fire to ^5 since I also am trying mugs and don't want to have two sets of clay/glaze. I tried a little loafers for some bowls and it just broke when I tried smoothing the edges etc, to dainty I suppose. Fun item to make.
  11. As someone in the middle of nowhere it is a great resource. I mostly lurk in the forums. The blog posts seem to get recycled a lot, I will see the same one a couple of times. I don't pay attention to the emails so much, just visit the forums a lot.
  12. I just saw the comment. I just really liked how this one came out so posted it all over the place. They make a great surface for playing with glaze combos.
  13. This yarn bowl is 5" across and approx. 3" tall. The ball of yarn is almost a full skein of red heart yarn.
  14. Beautiful work, Wood Ducks are one of the prettiest ducks. Hope you feel better soon.
  15. Great information, love the shelves and the little closet idea.
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