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Posted 10 December 2013 - 10:34 PM

Norm what a great story about the shoes! I want to do that!
My husband is a very talented boatbuilder woodworker. I tried to upload pictures to prove it but I couldn't figure out how to downsize in iPhoto . He does stunning work, and cannot sell or market at all. He does not understand who is serious or a tire kicker. He will take a boat out and wonder why it didn't sell on the first showing. Then he gets depressed and doesn't want to show it. Then he fire sales it or keeps it. He will never stop making boats: he loves it, but he might never make money at it. I wish I could find a place that would show his one of a kind wood boats.
Sales and marketing is not a skill we are born with, not for every one . So maybe consignment would be better for some.
When my 13 year old daughter was about three, I wanted anything art so badly. I choose jewelry cuz she only put food in her mouth. She had asthma and wanted to do all paint with me so pastels ,oils ,and water colors were not an option. So semi precious and crystals, glass beads and lamp work, I wanted color! I made earrings bracelets and necklaces. I gave them and sold them and consigned them. For a novice I did just fine. But there was no passion, I don't wear jewelry . I couldn't remember a piece once it left my hands. Someone would wear what I made and I would comment how nice, and they would tell me I made it. I have a chest of beads, any takers?
So it isn't all about money either , right?
And then there is always location. Here in florida that mug you made better fit in their cup holder in their car or it's no sale! In my hometown of NYC , it had to be special, when I lived in ptown it had to be artsy, gowanda ny well there were just poor. New Yorkers might spend their last dollar and borrow more to be trendy, I buy only when I am in love. And I do fall deeply in love w things , like they have a soul from those who made them.
And then there's always the old adage : things are worth what people are willing to pay for them.
I do not believe I can tell you how much to sell you work for. You have to believe that your work will sell for the amount you ask for it, or else it won't sell people can tell. Can't insult yourself and sell it too low, then you will become discouraged and disgusted. Can't sell it for more than the market will bare, some places are still suffering badly and some barely got hit.
If things don't sell and they seem well priced could be a could of things: market is saturated , too many similar items. There is no market cuz no one has ever seen the item and doesn't know what to do with it.
The item does not follow the local aesthetic rules, is rejected.
A little of all above and add a bit of frugal free of spending.
I believe in perseverance , if you love it , keep at it, try to make it work. Ask for help from those around you. It will happen if you keep at it.
I also believe in local farmers market cuz the rent is low , there is repeat customers, and there is time to talk, get feedback. If you bring your baby for part of the day then people might get how you are doing it too. Jolie

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 05:21 PM

In a personal show situation ... Be it a home show or a craft fair ... You are much better off throwing in a small thank you piece instead. One potter I know makes little cheese spreaders, another makes tea bag holders, another makes a little thank you ornament. Fills the kiln spaces easily, made very quickly ... Everybody likes getting something free. A way of giving people a deal without compromising your worth or your relationship with your galleries.


We did this for the last 8 weeks, we made a mess of small cups, maybe 100 or so, and glazed them up in 4 different schemes. Anyone who came into the studio received a free cup. One day I gave a lady a cup and she stood in the front yard grinning and crying. I went out to see if she was OK, she gave me a big hug and said it was a beautiful gift and it made her week. She came back in today and purchased two platters for gifts. 

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