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  1. looks like the bearing in my brent c wheel(20 + years old) is toast . has anyone had an electric motor repair place replace the bearings. A new motor is around $400, just getting info before committing to a new motor. Thanks
  2. thanks, I was hoping the Ruri was a glaze name. Going to try with a temoku base plus cobalt and dolomite and see what happens
  3. I saw a beautiful blue, white speckled glaze on one of the FB groups The Japanese potter said the glaze is called "Ruri" with a small amt of "Sanga" added. It looks like a c10 reduction Temoku with 8% extra dolomite( which gives yellow specks) but no iron. Maybe replaced by cobalt. I Googled "Ruri" and found several examples but no ref to a recipe. Hope someone here has heard of this glaze. Thanks Wyndham
  4. Thanks Neil, I'll run both and see what happens. Wyndham
  5. Great, 1290 16.36% The frit number is 1290 it has only 4 components NaO .50 Cao .50 B2O3 1.00 and silica 2.00 Custer feldspar 18.39 Dolomite 17.55 whiting 2.50 EPK 16.85 Silica 23.95 Titanium Dioxide 3.42 Cobalt oxide .74 Iron Ox .02 NiO
  6. I have a frit that I can not find a substitute for. I have also never understood unity formulas as well. I'm hoping someone cal help translate this back to raw materials The frit number is 1290 it has only 4 components NaO .50 Cao .50 B2O3 1.00 and silica 2.oo Am I guessing correctly that 1 part borax i part whiting and 2 parts silica would be some thing close to the frit or is there a better set of ingredients to use Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info. I can see things going very bad very quickly.
  8. A very interesting read. I have been done this rabbit hole for many years now and find there is more to go than where I've been. That being said, an early comment on the types of zinc white yellow and metallic. I have been gifted some metallic zinc powder which was used in making battleship gray for the Navy. How would one go about creating a glaze test using this material, if at all. I use a 50% 3110 26% calcined zno 23% sil and a pinch of epk. peak temp 2300f w/5min hold Looking forward to trying something new just rewired my kiln Thanks Wyndham
  9. On my salad plates I've used 2 lbs , where I center and open to 9 in then pull a wall for the rim, lay it over so the rim is at the edge of a 10 in bat pin hole but this seems to be too light to me, sorta what "Pres" said about mugs. I'm thinking It should be 2 1/4- 2 1/2 lbs to give more substance. I went up to 3 1/2 on my plates and that seems about right Do others here like a thin or more robust plates. Wyndham
  10. The thermocouple may have gone bad.They can have issues at higher temps as they age and keep the kiln from reaching temp.This is one of several possible problem areas as well as a bad element/elements. Have you ever changed the T/C and how old are the elements. As elements age they lose the ability to get as hot as when they were new. Just a few thouights Wyndham
  11. I use a electric grill with temp control. The wax is candle wax from hobby lobby. Adjust the temp until the the wax goes liquid, but not smoking. If you need to wax large volumes of pots, this method, with care taken, has worked for me for over 18 yrs. The wax only needs to be about 1/8 in. We use a knife to scrape off any excess wax on the bottom. Using wax at this temp, it's not around open flame and is not hot enough to combust on it's own. Care must be taken with any part of a studio . Wyndham
  12. no I'm afraid not but the Texas tile press site videos and tutorial will give you about everything you need. I used a moist, freshly slabbed clay as the master. built a frame 10 in on a side with 1x4 pine. These 2 things replace the metal frame and silicone rubber master he used. Hope this helps. If anything else just let me know. Wyndham
  13. Mine broke down early, but I was not as kind to it as I should have been. I used a rubber mallet to pound the clay into submission Wyndham
  14. This is the Texas tile press but I did mine for about $20 with a wood frame, air tubing and a compressor I had from HF. Mine work fine for about 200 pressing before I made another mold. Wyndham
  15. I have used a hand press for a home made tile air release system. The hydrocal should be fine but if you wanted a little softer die then add about 25 % plaster to the hydrocal. Hobbylobby should have some silicone rubber for the masters. If you need another source, give Rampress a call and find out what they recommend. Wyndham
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