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Mold Making - Hydrocal vs Pottery Plaster No.1

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callie, why not just use the interior of the bowl or whatever and spray it with WD40 or Pam, a brand of cooking spray ?  no other mold needed, just lay the clay into the interior and let it form as it dries.   that is how i make 99 percent of my work.

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sorry if i made it sound like i did not understand the usefulness of ice as a master.   it was really terrim's question i thought i was addressing.  

terrim, i have a friend who has been making high relief tiles for custom kitchens and baths since the 1980s.   she uses a combination of pottery plaster and hydrocal in the same mold.  you might see her work at 8 of the public libraries in Loudoun county, va.  she does not seem to have a  website that shows her tiles in detail but there are several newspaper articles showing a tiny fraction if you search on her name.   she is very approachable if you want to ask for more info.

cannot believe i forgot to include her name, Joan Gardiner, Unison, Va.

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