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Glaze Spray Booth Exhaust Fan

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The exhaust fan in the ceramic glaze spray shed has failed at my local Arts Center. The fan had an open motor and the spray had clogged up and shorted out the motor. What the old one is is a 10 inch inline duct fan. That unit is no longer being manufactured so I need to get it replaced with something comparable. I have seen some fans available on the internet but they are different and are very expensive. So, I'm checking with others on this forum for recommendations. I'll either be looking for an affordable replacement fan for the old one that failed. Or come up with some other DIY solution for exhausting ceramic glaze in a spray booth. Recommendations?

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I suggest one of those mesh washable filters in front of fan and motor-they usually are blue and you can cut them to fit your application . They are about 1 inch thick and are made for central home heaters-they are sold where disposable heater filters are sold. You can buy them here as well.


I just bought some for my central vac studio system.I cut mine into 12 inch circles.

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