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    Ceramics: Sculpture and mosaic .
    Oil painting: Visionary Landscapes, Sci-fi, Botanicals.
    New Age music.
    The Pacific Northwest.
    Addictions: Science fiction, gaming (formerly), solo travel, the pacific northwest

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  1. My cat left me a lizard on the porch for mother's day. :D 

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    2. DirtRoads


      aww that's cute

    3. yappystudent


      Ha Glazenerd, nice try I'm not falling for that again. 

    4. Denice


      My dog tears the lizards into pieces and scatter them all over the yard.  My first dog was real mouser,  I got him when he was 6 weeks old.  The first morning I had him he comes up to me with blood all over his face.   I freaked out until he shows me his prize.   He continues bringing me mice,  sometimes they weren't dead.   Denice


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