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  1. gas kiln.

    Thanks to all who posted here, I now have Jacobson's book. With it and the "Back yard Kiln", I think I have found a plan and have something to look forward to. Will keep you posted. Any thought on how I might acquire the shelving and other furniture on the cheap?
  2. gas kiln.

    Thank you, Mark C invaluable info thanks for taking the time. I will have to find a way to download Jacobson's book. Magnolia Mud I have been scouring the web looking for the info you so kindly provided. I am reading Fred Olsen's book at the moment and was getting a bit lost in all the vernacular. The e-book download is just what I was looking for A+B=C. Simple and seemingly easy to follow. .
  3. gas kiln.

    Thanks Arnold Howard & Mark C. Looked over Mark's conversion, would just love to see it in action. The seller of the Walsh XX also has some insulating brick. Is it possible for me to tell what heat rating they have? There are no markings on the one I obtained today. Also the man wants an offer, what should I consider as an offer if it would cost me $5.45 each for high fire brick and $4.80 for the insulating brick and I would have to rent a truck and drive 150 miles round trip. Where this brick is 10 min away and I could make a dozen or more trips in my corolla ? He said he had about 300 bricks total. Novice questions all but that I am ?
  4. gas kiln.

    Well Marcia thanks for the reply. I am thinking that I will use one of those round fire pit screens with 3 layers of fiber insulation and then the foil on the outside of the screen as a protection for the fiber and to try to make it as air tight as possible . I will attach sheet metal to the screen edge to make the top square to make it fit the kiln and will also insulate the sheet metal . The kiln will measure 27"x27"x27" I know that the Walsh xx are fire bricks its just if they can be used to build my fire box. I have never done anything like this before and have little kiln experience. Just hope I don't hurt myself or burn down the neighborhood. I do like the idea of the wire screen as a support for a fiber top. Thanks
  5. gas kiln.

    Still drawing plans for my top loading gas kiln. I have read Joe Finch's book " A Brick by Brick Approach" and have just started Frederick Olsen's book. Today I found some used fire brick and was wondering how I could tell it's heat rating? The bricks are marked Walsh XX . Where can I find any info on the rating and or composition of these bricks? Also while I am here. Can a kiln with fiber blanket for the top and sealed with foil be used in a heavy reduction atmosphere? Firing to ^6
  6. Gas Kiln

    I am looking to build a propane gas kiln that I hope to push to stoneware temps. Here's the thing I have never built a kiln and if it gets to technical I may never build it. But I need a kiln and an electric set-up strains the budget. I think I could do this for about a grand. I am looking to make it about 27 x27x27 with a 6" domed removable top for loading. I figure just about 11.5 cubic ft. interior space. I will be using 2"x4x9 firebrick and fiber mat for the top. A Ward MR100 for my burner I started reading about building a kiln and got lost with the chimney construction and control of the exit gasses and where in my kiln do I put the flue and at what height top or bottom? How tall a chimney and what diameter, how best to construct the damper. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Point me in a direction

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