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  1. Well PauloG here is my 2cents. I dont know if you followed my "Oh Neil!!!" post but I was having the same issue as you are I am firing to ^5 but from my read of your posts I had the same issue and was getting pretty much the same advise. Following their input and reading their response to you I decided to just stick a ^6 sitter and let it rip. I am using Amaco P C choice glazes so what could be the harm, none of my other 2 firings had reached cone 5. But someones response; to you I believe, that had referenced "balancing the kiln" kept ringing in my head. To me that meant the same temp. throughout the kiln so when I got to 1800 I turned down the upper chamber to med. and left the bottom on high. It slowed my rate of climb but the temp in the two chambers evened out and when I reached 2100 I turned both chambers to high to finish. I did go 10 hrs. but I am most certainly a novice so I will work on my timing. below are my cones from left to right 4 5 6 7. top was middle shelf then bottom witness cones. and then my ^6 sitter I kind of over fired but not by much! Hope this helps.
  2. Neil, When I had it all apart checking the coils I guess I should have done that. I figured it'd only been fired about six times before I got a hold of it and everything was 40 to 45 years old I just didn't want to take any chances that I didn't have to take. I had read some were that cones do not go bad the cones I used are 40 45 years old? I do know that I must have bumped the the cone and had it a little bit further almost a quarter away from the small side.. Going to try cone 6 today Oldlady, I may be a few pots short of a kiln load but I'd rather give my money to Mark C and let him fly to the Big Island and make an offering for me. Sorry
  3. Well when I open the Kiln I was disappointed the top of the Kiln runs cold witness cone number 4 was almost at 90. When I got to the sitter cone it was bent past 90 degrees but looks as if I might have bumped it closer to the small side then to a higher side of the cone. The bottom shelf hadn't reached cone 5 either. I replaced it with a cone 6 sitter and I will fire tomorrow. How many times can a glaze be refired! Can someone please tell me what an appropriate offering is to the Kiln gods
  4. Leianne, that is what brought me here I adjusted my kiln sitter repack the Kiln fired at this morning at just kicked off about a half hour 45 minutes ago the last reading I had on the pyrometer was 2020 I walked away for 5-10 minutes came back and the kiln had shut off. We'll see how I did in the morning
  5. Well I have pictures but trying to load them from phone to the site proves to be a little bit difficult files are too large I did recheck with a different meter I get 9 ohms.
  6. Well I did as you suggested got no readings at all unpluged the top portion of the kiln, the resistance was less than 5 ohms but nothing at the main feeder plug. I took some sandpaper to the prongs sanded off of patina then I've been getting a reading of less than 5 ohms chances are I probably wasn't getting all the current when I fired the kiln. I also managed to get a kiln sitter gauge the sitter was out of alignment so I took care of that repacked the kiln will light it in the morning. Thank you all for the assist make an extra offering to the Kiln Gods on my behalf
  7. Well that is done. All I have for an ohmmeter is a voltage meter that came free from Harbor Freight for a $5 purchase I read no resistance at all Infinity. The plate reads 230 volts 24 amps 5520 w Still trying to figure out how to send pictures from my phone the files are always too large I have to go home and send it to my computer and then shrink things
  8. Oh how I hate to do a little plumbing job put a wrench on something and something else needs to be changed. I'm pretty sure that it's been over 40 45 years since anything's been open in this kiln. I am hesitant to open anything up I've never seen the inside of one of these things. So like everything else in my pottery career I've watched a few videos. I will get back to you when I get some readings. Keep your fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks for the link glad there so many helpful folks in this community willing to share their knowledge.
  10. what am I looking for as far as resistance readings I'm sure it's not infinite the Kilns got about 40 years on it. The sitter was at a deep V does that mean it bent at a higher temperature it was past 90 degrees if so?
  11. It was laid flat side down and placed so it was as thick as I could make it and still be securely on the metal prongs. Hoping on my part that it would fire a little past temp Why? Don't know! Just hoping to get it right.
  12. Used the large on the shelves and a small triangular one in the sitter. It had bent in a clean V shape.
  13. I had three shelves each with setters. The bottom shelf cone 5 almost made 90. The middle shelf just started to tip. The top shelf sitter was standing up straight and proud.. Kiln wasn't tightly packed it was sparsely populated. Flying blind here! My first thought was use a cone 6 sitter. Looking for a bit of success here.
  14. Just did my first glaze fire using that old Blue Diamond Kiln I picked up. I did not reach temperature. Bottom shelf almost middle and top shelf didn't get to cone5. I would like to try adjusting the sitter but I do not have a gauge. They look like it would be easy to make, any dimensions out there that I could copy, make one myself?
  15. Thanks for the replies still learning and asking. Will fire them separately. Using Amaco PC I have a limited palette of glazes to choose from
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