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    First Video of Student Throwing Competition at NCECA is cut. Here is Woody Othello from Florida Atlantic University. skutt.com/potter/fun-stuff/
  2. MikeSievers


    Will do Sherman! We also decided to sweeten the pot. We figured most students need cash, but what they really need is equipment, so we are going to award a wheel to the grand prize winner of all 3 days.
  3. MikeSievers


    I went to Humboldt State, I would love it if NCECA could make its way to Redwood country!
  4. MikeSievers


    Maybe we will do professionals next year!
  5. MikeSievers


    If there are any students out there going to NCECA that want to win some cash we are having a throwing contest in the Skutt Booth. Every participant will get a shirt or a hat but the winners get cold, hard, cash on the spot. If you have any students who may want to compete they can sign up here http://skutt.com/nceca-contest/.
  6. Ever wonder how much it costs to fire your electric kiln? It is probably less expensive than you think. Check out the New Potter's Page on the Skutt website for a formula and "fudge factor" description. http://skutt.com/potter/faqs/

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