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  1. so quick update: Regarding the elements, I got conflicting signals from Skutt vs Euclid; Skutt tech said that a lower gauge element retrofit wouldn't be possible, but advised the APM upgrade, while Euclid gave me a quote for a set that actually comes slightly cheaper than the stock elements before s&h. 99% on going with Euclid's lower gauge. I'm going to push for the SSR's in my proposal; everything I'm seeing is pointing towards the increased longevity + efficiency being worth the money in the long run. I am curious about how the SSR's will affect the mid-late fire; data has bee
  2. I had a similar thing happen w/ a Skutt 1222, after some troubleshooting I figured it had to be something wrong with the relays. Problem went away after a full replacement.
  3. Sorry for reviving an older subject, but I read through & couldn't resist adding a bit of devilry to the conversation. A bit of background- I was (& still am) involved in the cast iron sculpture community long before getting into kilnwork, so a lot of my attitudes & approaches towards heat come from that side over 2500*F; we mostly work w/ propane starters to ignite coke fueled blast furnaces to hold ~3000*F for 5-12 hour long performance events. All of this lends to a "mas fuego" sort of candor regarding handling & being around extreme heat. Anywho, I've done work at
  4. Very good to know, I'm starting to lean towards beefing up instead of grabbing APM's, but the price point will end up being the final deciding factor here towards thicker wire. Slowly switching over to L&L or ConeArt is actually my preferred long-game solution, & I have a whole other proposal written up for all that, but it's a long shot- this company has really serious brand loyalty to Skutt products (they also got really burned out, pun not intended, on a number of bad experiences w/ 3 large Olympic frontloaders that we're still dealing with), so it'll be a tough sell. Part upgrades
  5. Thank you both so much, this has all been really helpful for me, & has given me a lot more to work with. My takeaway is that SSR's or internal cooling may be the best/most immediate solution to streamlining our maintenance cycle, & different elements would be a bonus, but not the biggest fix, while doing both may yield the best long-term results. My pipedream is for our standard typeK thermocouples to be the only part we switch out within the year; right now we schedule replacements every 6 months or as needed. Unfortunately, thermocouples happen to be the only repair that regularly is
  6. Howdy y'all! I run & maintain the kilns at a Minnesota-based designer tile factory, & I'm currently researching potential kiln upgrades for all of our equipment. We primarily run Skutt KM1227's / KM/1027's on a high frequency lowfire schedule; our 14 kilns are scheduled to fire almost every day that isn't a weekend or holiday. Most of our glaze firings are to ^06/05. We almost exclusively use lowfire hobby glazes, & have found that an army of smaller topload kilns gets more reliable results than much larger car kilns. We've just expanded to a second location in northern
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