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  1. Hi all, i know how to make three footed, “tripod” pottery such as the kind Sandi Pierantozzi makes, as I bought her video here. I may have asked this already, but how do you make feet like that with 4 feet? These are tripods on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/market/tripod_mug I've been playing with it, and I don’t think you can do the same technique. I was thinking of maybe cutting away clay fromthe bottom? Any ideas, much appreciated! Nancy
  2. nancylee

    How to Make 4 Footed Pottery?

    Thank you! Nancy
  3. Hi all, I had a brief foray into glass arts and have quite a bit of small pieces of glass and grit left. I want to fire with glass but no idea how to do it. Usually I bisque to cone 05 and fire to Cone 5, no hold with Laguna clays. Do you bisque first and then place the glass? Doesn’t make sense cause if a bowl, how would you get the glass to stick? Obviously, I’m clueless and any assistance would be very appreciated!!! Nancy
  4. Thank you, Mark! I really should have someone show me how, as I think I keep trying to learn it wrong. HA!! Nancy
  5. Thank you!! I keep trying, but no success yet!! Nancy
  6. nancylee

    How to Make 4 Footed Pottery?

    Hi JohnnyK, Yes, that is what I'm trying to do - the pinching method. But I have seen the footring method too, but couldn't look it up, cause I didn't know what it was called! So you make a thick bottom, then carve the upward curve into it? I will go check to see if I can find some videos to help me see it, also. Thank you very much, Nancy
  7. Finding this very late, but a question: i like to trim but getting the darn piece centered takes me at least a few minutes for each piece. To me, that’s a huge waste of time. I tried tapping to center - hahahahahahah - No. so i let the piece go round and round and round with my finger held out, pushing and pulling, to center for trimming. Any other ways to do this more efficiently? Thanks, nan
  8. I just had to get fingerprinted and they had a tough time getting prints! I’ve been fingerprinted before and that never happened. I’ve been throwing a lot more this year! nancy
  9. I usually buy locally, although local is an hour and 40 minutes away. So I have to order sometimes. And I appreciate threads telling me about companies. I had hte same experience with this store as the OP did.
  10. That's weird, I could swear I ordered three glazes from them about 6 weeks ago, but they never came. I looked in my emails, etc., to see how they were being shipped and how I paid, but couldn't find any emails from them. I just put in another order and I'm praying they don't screw this up, too. Thanks for sharing this! Nancy
  11. nancylee

    Firing with glass

    Oh, I hadn't seen your post before. Interesting. I was thinking of using glass in a little ring dish, nothing usable for food, but I guess the glass could still pop out and cut someone. Thanks.
  12. nancylee

    Firing with glass

    Thank you, Lee! Nancy
  13. nancylee

    Firing with glass

    Thank you, Lin, much appreciated! Nancy
  14. nancylee

    Firing with glass

    Yes, thank you very much! Nancy
  15. nancylee

    If one of your students....

    My first pottery teacher taught me from the beginning that nothing is certain until the piece is on your shelf at home. Best lesson ever! Nancy
  16. Sorry to be dense, but how does one stick stuck in a blob of clay give you height and width? A duh moment - sorry! nancy
  17. Hi, I bisque to cone 05 because that is what my teacher did and still does. When I glaze fire, I usually glaze fire to cone 5, no hold, but when I low fire, I fire to cone 06, a bit cooler. I have a question that this thread brought up - if I bisque at cone 04, hotter than 05, is it substantially different in the way it accepts glaze? I have a few dipping glazes I love, but stopped using them because they run all over the shelf and ruin my pots and my shelves. Would they maybe run less if bisqued at 04? I also do a lot of brush on glazes now, so was wondering if there are any disadvantages to bisquing at cone 04 instead of 05. Thanks!
  18. I make a lot of urns, but I swear, one day I can center, then I cant center for a week. So I want to make square forms. Every template I see gives me 90 degree corners where slabs meet. I want a square form with somewhat rounded corners. Does that have to be thrown on the wheel and altered? I really like handbuilding and want to start making my urns like square ones with rounded corners. Thanks in advance, nancy
  19. nancylee

    Handy Techniques

    Great idea!!! And I Love the idea that it is being recycled, too!!!
  20. nancylee

    Handy Techniques

    That's a great idea!! I have some of that somewhere around. I love the idea of them for templates, too. I am just starting handbuilding (and LOVE it!) and I am using tarpaper, which is really a pain to cut. Thanks!
  21. Oh! An apple baker is like a ring holder, but with taller sides! Now I want a baked apple!
  22. That piece is worth 3 to 5 weeks worth of work! And thank you, Pres! I looked Blender over but will really check it out when I have time this weekend. Enjoy the day! Nancy
  23. That is amazing! Just beautiful! Is the top piece solid? Clay? Looks like bone! What is this program Blender? If you work it out in a 3D program, does it give you a breakdown of template sizes? What is the advantage of Blender if it doesn’t? Thank you!!! nancy
  24. Lovely work! Thank you!!

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