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  1. I cut out stencils from thick tablecloth vinyl & use iron oxide to stamp. I use a tub with folded jersey cloth for a pad to keep the amounts of oxide just right for a stamping foam brush the pad allows the oxide to fill the stamping tool but not too much. I stamp on top of a glazes as control of the oxide is essential, too little & the stamp fires faded too much & it is dark & messy. I periodically add water with a small squirt bottle for moisture. joy
  2. In the process of glazing my honeypots.


  3. I started with classes &books with weekend workshops &more of the same. Then experimenting . joy
  4. Depending on your humidity with a dry bat a pot should be loose within a day, I normally cover the piece with plastic. joy
  5. Did your plaster bats have time to dry before being used? I’ve only used regular plaster from the hardware store for bats & never had that issue but I made a Mold with potters plaster & had problems waiting for the poured clay to pull off. It seemed the plaster had trouble absorbing enough of the moisture. Make sure when using plaster you don’t put any down the drain. joy
  6. Joy pots

    Handy Techniques

    I use kids thin craft foam for drying mugs upside down to protect the rims. I also use that foam for templates for hand built forms. I have so many self made tools that there are 2 many to mention. joy
  7. Joy pots

    PQotW: Week 33

    4, 2, 2 3 its a partial guess. joy
  8. Joy pots

    What's your Mug?

    My mug preference is a good handle. I have small hands & arthritis, so my grip is poor therefore a thicker handle helps. I have about 4 mugs self made that I prefer,all different in shape & size. They are mostly ones I used for demo when I was teaching. I also like throwing ribs & dents on mugs & often hold under the handle. joy
  9. I have a vl whisper, can’t tell you the model right now but it’s about 7 yrs. old. I’ve thrown for over 40 yrs. & have arthritis so my strength has diminished somewhat but I still find the torque in the whisper much lower than the Skutt.
  10. Over 6oo grams, i find it just doesn’t have the drive. I used to have motorized kick eas wheels. You just don’t feel the strength in the shimpo as you center & throw there is no problem with the skutt. joy
  11. I have a vl whisper & bought a Skutt cause I was frustrated with the lack of torque on the shimpo & I don’t normally throw large pots. I throw mugs & other smaller pots. I do throw larger pots & am so happy with my Skutt that the shimpo is now my trimming wheel. joy
  12. I sign my initials with an old stick pen. My last name is 3 letters 2 small 1 cap so is different. I made a stamp but just singing on leather hard is easier. I had a ring with my family coat of arms & initials, but it wore out. Joy
  13. Joy pots

    Pkqw: Week 21

    1. 1? 2. 1 3. 3 4. 4
  14. Joy pots

    Pkqw: Week 20

    4, 3, 2, 2 Joy
  15. While throwing I wear yoga pants & t shirts with a cloth over my left knee to wipe my hands. These clothes take very little room in the darks load. When I trim & hand build attachments I usually put an apron on as I normally don't get dirty at that time. I wear runners & sometimes sandles. I always change footwear when I leave the studio as it's in the basement. I use miracle clothes as they wash out quickly after each use. Joy

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