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S cracks in tall footed pots

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1 hour ago, davidh4976 said:

I think we are all talking a little bit hypothetically on this.  I think you should try a few on drywall and a few not on drywall and do a side-by-side comparison. 

However, I also think that the thickness of your foot may cause S-cracking no matter what you do...unless you can somehow get everything to dry evenly...maybe by drying very slowly under plastic.

Cgeck that link @Min posted earlier.

That is a big muckle foot!!! Porcelain though.

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I always compress and never dealt with a cracks, but when I switched to Laguna frost it was about half my pieces regardless of shape. It’s known for being picky but this caused me to change a lot.

As babs mentioned wedging is key. What really resolved my issue was spending a LOT of time compressing, I mean a lot. Always compress outside > in and force that clay down onto itself in the center. Clearly dry it correctly etc but I have all but gotten rid of the issue but it’s a serious time suck.

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