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Plaster set time for damp box

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I just poured plaster into a couple damp boxes I'm making. Since this is for a damp box, do I need to let the plaster dry out before adding water back to it? 

I wasn't sure if drying first was related to it's durability, or if keeping it wet would be fine for this usage. 


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You should be OK to use it now. Plaster hardening is a chemical reaction, not a drying process. I've had mine for about 10 years now with 2 cups that I put in it 10 years ago just to see how long they would last before deteriorating. They are showing some deterioration lately, but haven't fallen apart yet...

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Yep, doesn’t need to dry out, but it does need to cure. When it first sets it’s very fragile, easy to crack by moving or disturbing it and there’s no fixing that. I’m no plaster expert (I avoid it at all costs, but have mixed more than my share)…be gentle until tomorrow. Picking up and moving a flexible plastic tub with freshly curing plaster is asking for it.

 Don’t get any in your clay. 

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