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  1. I do like like that. It looks like it would be a matter of getting that blue to run in streaks a little more.
  2. Reply from Bill's website. "Sorry, that would require sharing our glaze recipe which is something Bill is not willing to do. " Worth a shot
  3. Thanks! No I haven't tried asking him (doing that now)
  4. Hello! I was having trouble finding an answer on Google so I thought I'd see what you guys and gals thought. I would like to replicate the effect on one of Bill Campbell's mugs. It's the long running streaks of blue. I love the organic swirling they have and that they fade to a almost white at the bottom. Does anyone have any insight into how this effect was achieved? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I bought an old Cress b 23 h that I'm trying to find a Kiln Sitter replacement for. I don't know when the kiln was made, but the pyro cones that it came with have a date of the late 80's stamped on it. When Googling I'm not 100% sure I looking at the right models of kiln, and it looks like you measure the Kiln Sitter length different;y depending on which KS model it is. Can anyone identify which model of Kiln Sitter I have so I can get a replacement ordered? Thanks!
  6. Wow! I didn't realize the fumes were that bad. That can happen with food safe glazes and stoneware?
  7. What threw me off is I've been watching a lot of pottery videos online and see people opening kilns in attached garages and back rooms and I've never seen any kind of ventilation in place. Should ventilation be running the whole time a kiln is on? Bisque and glaze?
  8. Thanks! I guess it's going to live in the garage.
  9. Hello! I am considering putting a kiln into a basement room in my house. This room is just a normal bedroom with no ventilation to the outside. Does an electric kiln require ventilation? If so, would installing something like a bathroom fan above it be sufficient? Thanks!
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