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  1. Thank you for the replies! I did fire both in the same temps and tried to dip consistent. I guess I didn't realize the base had such an effect on the colorants. I'll give the laying a try.
  2. Hello! I made John Britts' floating blue 2 from his mid fire book. Turned out really nice. However when I looked at it under a stereo microscope (cause everyone has one of those laying around... right?) I could see some crazing. I couldn't see the crazing just looking at it with the naked eye. I thought I would try to lowering the Na a little and increase so other things that shouldn't craze as much. What really surprised me was the dramatic difference in the color which I was not expecting. The test tile on the left is the original as it is in John's book, the right is my adjustment.
  3. Thank you Bill and dhPotter! I think I'll give Marcia's Matte a try with Zircopax for a white color.
  4. I'm new to making my own glaze and am on the hunt for a functional satin glaze (originally thought I could build my own, but I might save that till a little farther down the road). I have John Britt's book and was thinking of trying V.C. 71 Satin Matte, but reading online has lead me to believe this glaze is not matured at cone 6. G2934Y from Digitalfire (https://digitalfire.com/4sight/recipes/cone_6_magnesia_matte_low_loi_version_135.html) seems like it could fit the bill, as well as G1214Z (https://digitalfire.com/4sight/recipes/cone_6_silky_matte_3.html), but I've found some peop
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that! That helped a lot! I was watching John Britt's videos and he mentioned the satin range is normally around a 5:1 SiO2 to Al2O3 ratio. I was attempting to get a somewhat satin/light mat surface, so I kept bumping up the CaO to try and get it there.
  6. https://glazy.org/recipes/65665 That was part of my question, I didn't quite understand why cone 6 and cone 10 glazes could occupy the same area of the chart on Glazy. But I think you guys have helped me understand that it's not just about having a flux, but what types of fluxes are used, such as boron.
  7. So I've thrown myself down the 'make your own glaze' rabbit hole. I've spent some time on Glazy (and books and YT) and one thing I don't see is what cone the recipe you have created should be fired at. Is there a why of deducing that from the ratios or from another statistic? I was attempting to make a cheap almost satin white glaze for mugs and have noticed on the graph that shows other glazes that some with a similar makeup are listed as cone 10 glazes and some are 6, and a couple in between (I'm shooting for cone 6). Is there a way of looking at a glaze on paper and saying that will most li
  8. @Min Great catch Min! I measured and I did have a little to much cone showing. I made some more seated to the correct depth.
  9. Did a side-by -side comparison with small and large cones about an inch apart on each of three shelves. The results were the same on each shelf - the large cone was bent significantly more than the small cones.
  10. Worth a try Hulk. I'll grab some larger ones and run some tests side by side and see if they slump differently.
  11. Hello! Have a quick question on using kiln sitter cones as witness cones. Got me first kiln over the weekend and did a small bisque fire to test it with about 5 mugs with different clay bodies in the bottom of the kiln (on a shelf 1/2 inch off floor). I was firing to 04 and got a stand to hold the small kiln sitter sized cones upright to use as a witness. I got only a slight lean out of the witness cone on the shelf with the mugs. When doing research I realized in all the images I was looking at, a larger cone or self supporting cone was used. Do the smaller kiln sitter cones slump over like
  12. I do like like that. It looks like it would be a matter of getting that blue to run in streaks a little more.
  13. Reply from Bill's website. "Sorry, that would require sharing our glaze recipe which is something Bill is not willing to do. " Worth a shot
  14. Thanks! No I haven't tried asking him (doing that now)
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