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Clay prices on the rise

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Well you knew it was coming.Everything is going up.  May 1st clay is going up  a small amount and some clays are going away with Laguna as well-I think Frost may be one. Just a FYI

Wondering about spodumene/lithium going up its the lithium -like in a Tesla battery. Rare Earth stuff comes and goes.Some day maybe iron for batteries as it cheap now but may not forever

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It used to be that we assumed clay materials were cheap, but kept a short list of the things that were expensive, e.g. Cobalt and Tin.

Now we will keep a short list of the things that are cheap. 

I just noticed that I am low on Wollastonite, so added 50lb of it to my order that I am picking up next week. WOLLASTONITE IS STILL CHEAP! WOO HOO!

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I was looking through glaze recipes to determine which glazes to mix for the Empty Bowl fundraiser.  Cobalt is $$$, Tin ox is $$$ Gerstley may be on the rise, and since I will be getting funds from a couple of local groups to cover the cost of glazes, I think I am going to buy dry premixed glazes.   My personal dry ingredients have become more precious. 


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