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Slip pulling away from mold

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Try pouring the slip out more slowly.  If it fills the pouring hole, it will cause a vacuum and pull the lining with it.

There was similar questions asked before, with  other suggestions.  I'll see if I can find them.

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An alternative solution: if thinning the slip doesn't help you might consider making the pour hole larger OR adding a second pour hole altogether.  

Years ago I made a mold of a Vanhool bus model. (I also made the model.) The mold was about 22" long and 8" square. I put one pour hole, at each end,  to prevent a vacuum.  Wouldn't you know the customer emptied it sideways and created a vacuum. When they called to complain I explained that the two pour holes were intended to prevent such a thing. They changed their method and all was well.

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