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Kiln sitter switch high - low

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How do I compesate for not having a kiln sitter dial  for setting  elements to low, med, high?  I candle for an hour then ramp times for sitter switches on/off to temp for bisquing /firing.
Many times I over fire.  Using a thermometer/thermocouple to know that I've gone to temp.   Ramping takes the whole day.  Most efficient kiln sitter usage ideas appreciated. TY.



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Photos would really help.A kiln sitterr is just a device which, depending on the cone you place between the prongs, will shut off the kiln after a certain amount of heatwork.

Make a log book and note everything you do.Time turned on .position of switch, starting temp temp after 1hr. Temp range, for every hour.

Put a set of cones , one below target temp , one on target temp and one sbove target temp. Place them where you can see them through a spy hole. Towards the end of firing , take out bung to see how the cones are faring.

The cones wil reflect what is happening more accurately that temp. If you ramp up fast it'll take a higher temp to mature the cone, and your glazes, and turn off your kiln. Some glazes won't like that.

If you ramp slowly your cones will drop at a lower temp.

By recording what you do every hour you will see what you need to do.

Photos of kiln and pots overfired will let folk help you more.

Good luck, keep at it!


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