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handles heating up in microwave after several years of not doing so!

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Several mugs I made some years ago now can not be put in the microwave for re-heating coffee because the entire mug gets too hot to handle.

The clay was B-Mix cone 5. Different glasses but I think they included Running Hot Chowder. (Back before the word Running was added to the name!)

Any idea why?

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10 hours ago, Ginny C said:

Any idea why?

Most likely they have absorbed water / liquid. Unfortunately I don’t have an easy way to remove and test other than firing in an electric kiln with a hold at let’s say 190 for a few hours then maybe raise them to 250 degrees for several hours. If you had an evacuation pump this would be easier and not require the heating. To @Rockhopper point above, I assume they overheat in several different microwaves, easy to try…….

Sorry, Maybe someone here will have a better idea.

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