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I got them! and a quick question/edited

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Hello, everyone:  I am very happy to report that the studio where I've been taking a class was able to fire my pieces way before the quoted Nov. 19 pick up date. I'm attaching a photo (not mine; I will take more later). 

EDIT:  After a closer look, I discovered that they were NOT unglazed. I used washes on those pieces. The teacher did say it would have a matte finish. Could I have put a clear glaze on top of the wash?

Can I do anything else, such as an acrylic sealer/varnish, at home? I really don't like the way they feel in my hand. Very rough!

And, is there somewhere I can read up on washes?

Thank you!


My stuff.jpg

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16 minutes ago, neilestrick said:

Acrylic paints stick best to porous surfaces, so if those are vitrified stoneware then it probably wouldn't work very well. If it's low fire clay that still porous it should stick well.

It was fired at Cone 6, so I don't know that it would work. Thanks!


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1 hour ago, Min said:

There is also this product which can be used on glass or fired ceramics. Comes in lots of colours but it is a fair bit more expensive than acrylic paint.




I've got these on my Amazon wish list. They look intriguing!

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