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"happy accident" vs precise calculation

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So how large is the interior in cubic feet? Is it a Fred Olsen design? Does if have two fireboxes?

Im of the school that the smaller the wood pieces are the faster it will get to temp. For me its because all my help is volunteer  and dragging out a firing looses volunteers. Thats life. Ive just learned to adjust.  there are places in my kiln that receive plenty of ash and those places are reserved  for pieces that need it.

Im surprised that you dont have more flashing. Flame is at the damper on mine around 04 meaning the entire chamber is flame.

Can you see flame at the damper at any point in the firing?


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@neilestrickAh....makes perfect sense. I had this exact thing happen during my last firing. Everything was going great until I noticed a huge build up of coals. Not a big problem but I usually don't have this much build up until I've almost reach temp. I allowed more airflow in the base of the firebox and slowed things down a bit. If possible I'll try to have two sizes of wood for my next firing...try a more "balanced" approach. @Russ It's about 50 cubic feet, designed by a madman (I kind of went out on a limb), with only one firebox....I tried creating a versatile chamber that I could possibly fire tall pieces in at some point. During the last firing I used kiln shelves atop the work to guide the flame and it made it through the kiln, but by the time flame had reached flue I was already at temperature in the front. The first 2 feet entering the chamber are brutal....the step inside the chamber I mentioned earlier creates a barrier or an opportunity, I'm still trying to decide. It's hard to explain the design but you can have a look at my website I posted below. I have some photos of it before I started firing.

Originally I had ideas of longer firings with a team of interested potters. The reality is I haven't found any real interest around here and have been doing quick firing by myself. 


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