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  1. I appreciate the input/advice. Next firing I'll mix things up a bit with some slips and different clay bodies.
  2. @neilestrickYour friend's piece is a great example of what I was looking for. I'd love to ultimately be able to get something similar on figurative work, but that will take more creative placement of wadding and kiln furniture (and a ton more experience)For now I'll chalk it up to too much soda. I blindly added an amount I gauged from reading others' experiences/sq footage without any draw rings. @Callie Beller Diesel The next firing will include draw rings to help me know "when to say when". Thanks for the tip on the clay...originally I wanted to stay away from porcelain temperatures but I'm
  3. Hi all, Hoping to see what adjustments can be made to a soda firing of my wood kiln. Fired it to cone 9, added "sawdust burritos" saturated with dissolved soda ash and baking soda (~5lbs combined). After holding around cone 9-10 for half an hour I tried to down fire because I read it would promote a duller finish and exaggerated flashing. The heat loss leveled off around 1400 (after 3 hours of attempted down fire) after which I sealed up kiln air tight. The firing took place in a neutral to reduced environment until around cone 6. I started cutting the airflow and the down fire was compl
  4. @Callie Beller DieselThe idea of breaking down selling online/shipping into small bits is what I need to do...tackle a little bit at a time. Even though I won't start changing my website for a few months, I can go ahead and start with the tasks as you've mentioned. It's also great to see you guys throwing numbers around....start demystifying the whole process
  5. @Callie Beller Diesel Fair enough, I agree to being open to expanding what I offer. My biggest regret concerning the butter dish is I need to wait until spring for a wood-firing to (try to) match the piece the customer already has. It's a "loose end " that keeps popping up when I run through that mental list of to-do's. Yes, I need to develop an online strategy. I created a website a couple of years ago before attending a conference, but it's poorly designed. I hope to have it reworked and upgraded for sales this spring. Shipping is a concern of mine, and it has caused me to put off getti
  6. @Roberta12 Your butter bell story hits home...I had to laugh to myself. A customer recently bought a piece of mine from Tamarack in WV and emails me asking if I have butter dishes in the same style. Needless to say I didn't, but now I have a variety waiting for a wood-firing this spring. It's a little different being a customer request, but yes I get your point. For now I should be more concerned about building up a stock of product and not getting sidetracked by others' whims. @oldlady I agree it would be best to scope out the profitable shows. Hopefully there are a few available this sprin
  7. This will be sorted out as I get more experience I imagine. Up until now I've limited myself to a couple of clay bodies (stoneware and earthenware) and a few glazes...neutrals and a "floating blue". My goal was to gain a good understanding of these materials before I expand...if I decide to expand into other clays/glazes . For now I may be getting ahead of myself. I'll start off with what I know and like and go from there. I do worry though (like you mentioned) turnout at these events is probably going to take a while to rebound.
  8. Deep down I think I knew the answer to my last question, but thanks for confirming it anyways. I appreciate the input...stay safe and healthy.
  9. As for the mention of dialing in on the audience/shopper. This is something I've been trying to come to terms with recently. I prefer a minimal use of color and simple forms especially in functional ware. I've been told by some I should use more color. Selling your work inherently requires you satisfy a consumer...I guess. How do you guys approach this? Stick to your aesthetic/brand and be content or try to offer a variety of products for a consumer? I'm hoping once I get a few small shows behind me thing will fall into place. At this point I'm not on social media, so the actual events wi
  10. Your "Festival Plan" series is comprehensive and that's what I need right now. I'll definitely be referring to it over the coming months. And yes, I'm not sure if this is a route I'll stick with, so I plan to keep my investments small to start off. My goal (as most I'm sure) is to have a studio that can at least support itself for the first couple of years, so I feel obliged to give the festival scene a try.
  11. Hello all, This is probably the worst time to ask such a question (with the virus situation), but bad timing has never stopped me before I'm trying to line up participation in a few outdoor fairs/festival for the upcoming year, and I'm completely new to the process. I specify outdoor because I imagine they're not as "high brow" plus less likely to cancel due to covid. My work has been juried into an artisan group in WV, but that's my only outlet for sales...I'm planning to make it available on my website in the spring. Thing is, I'd much rather line up a few road trips and try my luck
  12. I've invited the neighborhood to come before. I had one guy show up about half way through a firing...he was interested but very concerned. I invited the new neighbor and he came to inspect the kiln. Maybe I can convince them to throw a pot and calm down.
  13. Yes, open burning is only restricted during times of drought. I've owned this property for around 3 years now and can only remember an open burn ban once. I bought it specifically for the reason of building a rural studio with wood-fired kiln. I have a new neighbor who's giving me grief... says he used to be firefighter. I really want to vent, but I'll bite my tongue. I've been researching any kind of state codes or restrictions (I did beforehand and couldn't find anything) because I have a feeling the new neighbor is going to be a growing problem. It's good to hear the reassurance of saf
  14. I've only fired it twice, starting around 4am both times and didn't notice anything from the stack...not to say there weren't embers coming out early on. I was firing by myself and my attention was at the firebox early on. For now I plan to only fire in spring and summer and then only after a good rain. It's only my work going in so the timeline is completely up to me. If in the future I can find people interested in renting out space, I might need to take other conditions into consideration. What, if any type of spark arrestor do you use in normal conditions? I'll see what I can find
  15. Thanks for the heads up. There are a couple scrapyards nearby, I'll make it a point to go scavenging. I always welcome a good reason
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