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Forgot my peephole plugs...

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Hey everyone,

Newer potter, on my 5th or 6th glaze firing, and my first screw up!

I'm running a glaze fire to cone 6, with my skutt 1027 electric with a bottom vent. I totally forgot to plug the peep holes until I went in after about 5 hours (so about 55% of the way through a normal 'medium' speed run). It was at 1500 degrees. I never leave plugs out because of the vent. I plugged it, but now I'm totally curious if I've messed up the entire batch! All I can see in searches is referencing top holes, and notes that it's not required when you have a vent... but will it cause damage if it gets up to 1500 without plugging and with a vent? I'm prepared for it to take a bit longer to reach temp, but since I won't be opening the kiln until tomorrow night, and help managing my expectations or alleviating my fears would be great!


(Also, since I never leave plugs out, I've never seen the red glow through the holes - don't worry, I didn't look directly at it, but I was like, cooooooool.

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17 hours ago, liambesaw said:

I dunno, I routinely leave my peeps out  because my clay is gassy.  I bet it'll be fine since you caught it before anything started melting. Things might be smoother and nicer than normal, you never know until you open it tomorrow ;)

Question - in my new-to-me manual kiln it states to shut all peepholes when it is on high. I'll be running a glaze run in a couple of days (just waiting for my witness cones) and don't know what to do. It seems to me most people leave one peephole open for the gases to escape. I don't have a vent on my kiln. It's a practically brand new ~6cf Sandstone Skutt kiln with a sitter. I guess I should follow the instructions...but I dunno?

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8 minutes ago, liambesaw said:

Once you have them all on high, you want them closed so the temperature climbs steadily.  Until then you can pull the peeps to get things gas off.

Thanks...when should I open them? After it has turned off? Thanks!

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