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  1. Thanks...when should I open them? After it has turned off? Thanks!
  2. Question - in my new-to-me manual kiln it states to shut all peepholes when it is on high. I'll be running a glaze run in a couple of days (just waiting for my witness cones) and don't know what to do. It seems to me most people leave one peephole open for the gases to escape. I don't have a vent on my kiln. It's a practically brand new ~6cf Sandstone Skutt kiln with a sitter. I guess I should follow the instructions...but I dunno?
  3. Thanks...I found a Skutt video on adjusting the kiln sitter...it was off a bit. Thanks everyone!
  4. So I ran my first Cone 04 bisque load in my new-to-me Sandstone Skutt manual ~6 cf kiln. It stated in the manual to run at test run, so I threw in what greenware I had and placed all three shelves in the kiln (staggered). Witness cones were place bottom, middle and top (in the middle of the kiln). At the top I got to Cone 05, not really at cone 05 in the middle, and not at all at the bottom. Although older, the kiln is in immaculate shape. So question - does this mean I would need to place a Cone 03 in the kiln sitter to see if I can get my witness cones to a cone 04? Or is it possible that
  5. Thanks so much - good to know it's not a really bad idea lol. I It has a fresh air intake (we have a natural gas furnace). Whether it's enough for the furnace and a fan? Not sure. If we go this way I'll get a proper HVAC assessment. Lots to think about - thanks again for your input...appreciated!
  6. Looking at upgrading my kiln. I currently have a small 0.5 cf manual kiln in my house right beside a window. I'm looking at larger brand new kilns, but space-wise it would be best downstairs (unfinished basement - so concrete walls and cement floor). Is having a kiln in your basement a really bad idea fume-wise? It would have to be vented...but even with the best venting is it still a really bad idea? We had hoped to renovate a shed outside for the kiln, but having this little baby kiln in the house spoiled me.
  7. Thanks for your input everyone...this site is so helpful! Bars are on the shopping list now.
  8. Is that an issue? I fired my baby Olympic kiln for the first time (bisque). Just had one mishap were I turned the dial the wrong way (off instead of upping it to medium) so it was off instead of on medium for an hour. It shut off within the window the manual gave...but noticed the cone broke instead of bending? Thanks from the newb!
  9. Yes, size would be fine...and manual is fine for now. I'll post pics if I can get out to see it this weekend. There is a used Paragon A-8 -something-discontinued with 3 shelves, 2 half shelves, boxes of kiln stands etc. and cones...some brick damage, but doesn't look too bad. It's $600 but it's a 6-ish hour drive away. Argh. Too far to drive to see.
  10. HI everyone, Newbie here A used Gare 1818 just came up on Kijiji and I have been madly researching online about it. Going out to look at it as used kilns don't come up very often in my area What I know so far: Pics of the interior looks intact, except there is a mark (burn looking) in the bottom corner so that concerns me. Outside looks in good shape - no rust. Hasn't been fired up for a couple of years. I've researched how to replace the elements and found there are parts in Canada so have a rough idea of cost of replacing stuff. We would be able to do the work if elements need r
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