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  1. Yes, size would be fine...and manual is fine for now. I'll post pics if I can get out to see it this weekend. There is a used Paragon A-8 -something-discontinued with 3 shelves, 2 half shelves, boxes of kiln stands etc. and cones...some brick damage, but doesn't look too bad. It's $600 but it's a 6-ish hour drive away. Argh. Too far to drive to see.
  2. HI everyone, Newbie here A used Gare 1818 just came up on Kijiji and I have been madly researching online about it. Going out to look at it as used kilns don't come up very often in my area What I know so far: Pics of the interior looks intact, except there is a mark (burn looking) in the bottom corner so that concerns me. Outside looks in good shape - no rust. Hasn't been fired up for a couple of years. I've researched how to replace the elements and found there are parts in Canada so have a rough idea of cost of replacing stuff. We would be able to do the work if elements need replacing etc. and downloaded all the manuals I could find on the kiln L7-4K kiln sitter etc. So far it seems like this might be a good steady eddie first kiln basic model to start with. Or I am out lunch will check back in an hour to see if you have confirmed that? ? My first thought is $600 Cdn OBO may be a bit high??? It sounds like there is no furniture included, but I am getting that confirmed. Thanks everyone!
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