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  1. Ugh...glazes crawled that don't normally crawl. My smokey merlot rims jumped off onto the shelf. Witness cones were all over the map. I have my loading and shelf placement down pat so can almost always get a consistent fire. I had cone 7 bent over, cone 5 barely bent over, one shelf a perfect cone 6. And some of my pots looked a bit warped. So chalk that up to never do that again...
  2. Glaze fire...kept it going and it has just shut off (kiln sitter) - fired about normal length of time so that's encouraging. I have lots of witness cones in the kiln. So now for the wait!
  3. Three years with no mishaps. Until today. I went to turn my switches up to medium from low... and found them on high. Is this a firing disaster??? Guess I'll know in 24 hours but reaching out to the community...
  4. SOLD Bought in early 2020 and used off and on due to owner injuries. Switching to the RK model - which (I have no idea why) is easier and more comfortable to throw. It is what it is - so my gently used VL Lite model needs to find a good home. Asking $1,100 Canadian. Located in Onoway Alberta (approximately 40 minutes northwest of Edmonton).
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