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  1. Correction! Our local arts centre sale will happen indoors (currently) but they've got a great system that doesn't require most vendors to be present at each day (they have someone in each room, and someone managing cash at the exit). So they expect to be able to operate like any standard retail location. Which is awesome. Because this is actually where I tend to buy all of my christmas gifts. Edit to add: I live in a province of 5 million with about 20 new cases a day that is in phase 3 of reopening.
  2. Awesome thread. It's fitting well with 370 for me. I ended up going with the 10 after seeing John Britt's experiments with it. Thanks!
  3. This is the Alabama Rain over Alberta Yellow, and then the one in the background is Alabama Rain over chun celadon with alberta yellow on top.
  4. Yup - light pink. I don't let it get thick because it will pinhole. It seems very very happy on Plainsman 370 which is what I've got above. I like mixing it with Alberta Yellow as well. I've gotten some pretty lovely swirling goodness from it as a 2nd layer. So far chun celadon is the only one I get drips on, spearmint I get a long consistent pull down, but it's fairly stable on Alberta Yellow and on it's own. (when I chuck Alberta Yellow on top I just get this overall fun swirly pink).
  5. Yes, the Alabama Rain runs on top of the other glazes. It's actually more restrained on the spearmint. On top of chun celadon I actually get drips all the way down handles and to the shelf (from like, the top 3rd of the mug).
  6. Thanks @Roberta12 Yes - Alabama rain w/10% rutile on spearmint is so fun! And the inventory system is necessary. I live 400km from the supply shop and I don't want to pay for shipping. So I do a lot of work to predict!
  7. Does anyone else's drying plaster get a weird furry powdery thing happening the day after reclaim drying? I inherited this from the woman who sold me essentially her entire studio. It just brushes off, but it will cover substantial amounts of the plaster. Thanks in advance potter friends.
  8. Thank you for all the advice. I actually feel like I've got a system (printed out on a sheet, each item is checked as I add it), but as it turns out, I was anemic (!) hence the exhaustion and sleepiness. I've gone through and checked my quantities and I definitely have more copper in stock than I should, and the new bag of rutile isn't opened. I have a master tracking sheet with quantities for ordering and this has come in handy. So it appears that I failed to add both rutile and copper! I like the ideas of playing with the clear and adding some different colours. I might do that since I now have about 6 litres of it... The spearmint is John Hesselberth and Ron Roy's as listed in Gabriel Kline's Amazing Glaze. I love it - especially with Alabama Rain. I'll add 2 pics - 1 with Alabama Rain on top, one just as. This is of course, from a batch when I added the colourants...
  9. DO NOT MAKE GLAZE WHEN SLEEP DEPRIVED So... I've made this one glaze a few times, a spearmint, and I love it. It has rutile and copper carbonite as colorants. Well, I made a few more litres the other day and glazed and fired and it was clear. Totally clear. I went through my notes and noticed that I did not check off the rutile, so I think I failed to add it. I thought I added the copper carbonite but I really question that since there's not a hint of green. Also, according to my inventory worksheet, I should be out of copper, but I still have some left it the bag. I did add it to the other glaze I was making, but wonder if I missed it on this one too... So 2 questions 1/ Is it possible for a spearment to go clear after forgetting Rutile (6%) or must I have forgotten copper as well? 2/ If I did add copper, and I chuck in some more, is this a risk? It's 4%. Thank you brilliant potter friends!
  10. Hi Babs I throw pretty somewhat on the wet side, but not too much. I usually compress the rim on every pull. And I didn't use any slip on this. Min - when you think weight bearing are you thinking in the kiln or during drying?
  11. Hi Min They were all wheel thrown. I've never had this type of split show up, but I've also never blown up anything in the kiln, let alone multiple bowls in one firing. The one that split after the bisque was a small wine cup, the two that I saw after the glaze fire were a small mixing bowl and another wine cup. Thanks!
  12. Hold up, I didn't glaze the bisque one. I just found it! So that means 2 did this weird peeling thing in the glaze fire.
  13. So I had a massive number of bowls blow up last week in my bisque fire. I figure it was the thick bottoms. I had gone through one while trimming and then panicked and left the rest too thick. So boom! I had stacked bowls within bowls so I have no idea how many blew up because their friend and they just went along for fun. I noticed one surviving mug had a weird split along the top of the rim, like, well, puff pastry that was separating. I glazed it anyway to test a new glaze, and then when I unloaded my glaze fire I found another bowl that had the same thing. I don't think it had it after the bisque but I don't know, my iron is low, I'm homeschooling and I'm working full time from my living room, so there is a LOT of room for error. I took a picture. It is a mid fire buff stone ware (plainsman 370). It could have been reclaim, but I don't recall. I had painted it with underglaze and then applied a clear. I did introduce some moisture but I didn't fire it until the day after glazing (and about 5 days after underglaze). As noted, one mug did this after bisque from the same load. Any ideas? Tia!
  14. Awesome! I'm going to make this a new standard process for my bins of 'to smash' or 'to reglaze'. From now on, storing on a shelf for 2 months before they get smashed on the patio. Except for the pots I accidentally glaze closed. That's immediate. Smashy smashy.
  15. I use my kids ink stamps (likely a melissa and doug set) and a cute set I found at a thrift shop that had been used for scrapbooking or something similar. I use stoneware. They have different looks, as they use different fonts. Honestly, I'd say it's preference. I've never considered looking for a clay specific type. I use a white bodied stoneware.
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