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  1. Yes, I felt like there had to be some artisan section... but nope. I will lump myself in with massive ceramic factories and people who make plumbing fixtures! And yes, the MLM was a window in to a whole new world of strangeness. And now I am even angrier because I know how much it costs to be on an ecommerce site. They were charging their 'consultants' 15/month just to have their own online portal, that was the company's website, non-customized, but you would get the sale credit from your customers. $15! I really need to start my own MLM. There is so much money to be made. I may have a loss this year but it's with all my capital and start up supplies, so I'm feeling okay about that. All I have left from the MLM is a lot of unused brochures.
  2. Well it's also from my first husband's experience with the CRA 'artist' designation. While it's harder to get revenue canada to accept that you are one, once you are accepted, you can claim losses for a lot longer than other industries! Just anecdotal ramblings from an arts professional... I'll be claiming a loss for the first year of my business - didn't make enough to cover the set up costs, but almost got there! Like, so close! But the kiln... Back when I briefly dabbled in a home based business - actually a total MLM, -I had losses for years before finally realizing there was no cash to be made and got out. The saddest thing was reading on forums when women would talk about how losses were great because they reduced their taxes, and I'm like, no, you would do better not making the losses, like $100 in loses saved you $20 in taxes! But they were convinced their business expenses (that grossly outweighed their profits) made it all worth it. UGH.
  3. Thanks all for the advice. I know the industry code doesn't affect the $$ of it in Canada. But I'm also aware that CRA expectations around profit vary for different sectors. If 327100 seems to be the consistent code, then I'll use that (with the proper tax guidance of a professional etc etc). I just didn't want to use it if that was unheard of in the sector!
  4. I have searched for this through the threads and not found much on this, so I'm curious which industry codes folks are using for their taxes? I'm in Canada if that helps. 711500 - independent artists - this feels like it make be a stretch since I make mostly functional ware or 327100 - Pottery, ceramics and plumbing fixture manufacturing - this meets the description, but it's within manufacturing which I feel is quite far from small batch handmade ceramics Thank you in advance for any sharing!
  5. Our local arts centre expands from 1 room of retail to 3 for the month before christmas. Work from 35 artisans, limited entry, 1 artist overseeing a room at a time, and central cash. It was off the hook! The potters (including me) could barely keep mugs in the displays. Platters, bowls, spoon rests, functional pottery was flying out of there. The weavers were running out of dish towels, the handmade bath and body vendor was constantly out of different products. People were craving local, handmade, home and body luxury. Half the folks I spoke to were regulars, the other half had never been. Here's hoping the new folks are coming back next year!
  6. I second hand sanitizer, especially if it smells half decent.
  7. This is a good idea. For some reason, my last batch of AR was super "fluffy" for lack of a better word. 2 of my other glazes were as well, and appeared thicker despite the SG measuring the same as my last batch. I suspect it's the difference between the old chemicals I inherited and the new chemicals I've purchased. I can defloc with sodium silicate yes?
  8. I looooove using broccoli elastic bands. Plus i lose them constantly and they are cheap. I'm struggling with my Alabama rain sliding off my mug trims when I layer over my other glazes. I'm going to try to thin it to keep some on the rim but I'm struggling because the thing I love about the glaze (super dreamy drips and swirly movement) seems to be what is pulling my glaze off the rim. Also please excuse my zombie reanimation of this thread.
  9. Correction! Our local arts centre sale will happen indoors (currently) but they've got a great system that doesn't require most vendors to be present at each day (they have someone in each room, and someone managing cash at the exit). So they expect to be able to operate like any standard retail location. Which is awesome. Because this is actually where I tend to buy all of my christmas gifts. Edit to add: I live in a province of 5 million with about 20 new cases a day that is in phase 3 of reopening.
  10. Awesome thread. It's fitting well with 370 for me. I ended up going with the 10 after seeing John Britt's experiments with it. Thanks!
  11. This is the Alabama Rain over Alberta Yellow, and then the one in the background is Alabama Rain over chun celadon with alberta yellow on top.
  12. Yup - light pink. I don't let it get thick because it will pinhole. It seems very very happy on Plainsman 370 which is what I've got above. I like mixing it with Alberta Yellow as well. I've gotten some pretty lovely swirling goodness from it as a 2nd layer. So far chun celadon is the only one I get drips on, spearmint I get a long consistent pull down, but it's fairly stable on Alberta Yellow and on it's own. (when I chuck Alberta Yellow on top I just get this overall fun swirly pink).
  13. Yes, the Alabama Rain runs on top of the other glazes. It's actually more restrained on the spearmint. On top of chun celadon I actually get drips all the way down handles and to the shelf (from like, the top 3rd of the mug).
  14. Thanks @Roberta12 Yes - Alabama rain w/10% rutile on spearmint is so fun! And the inventory system is necessary. I live 400km from the supply shop and I don't want to pay for shipping. So I do a lot of work to predict!
  15. Does anyone else's drying plaster get a weird furry powdery thing happening the day after reclaim drying? I inherited this from the woman who sold me essentially her entire studio. It just brushes off, but it will cover substantial amounts of the plaster. Thanks in advance potter friends.
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