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spraying welding powder in the kiln

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Has anyone used welding powders in a kiln using  a similar technique as salt firing.  I wondered what type of effects I could achieve by spraying welding powder on hot pieces during thr firing cycle?   If it has been done, can i get the protocal and info to research.  pics would be great.


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2 hours ago, liambesaw said:

Isn't that stuff actual metal though? I'd think it would need to be an oxide or salt to really do something, but if you have a junk kiln you should try it!  

If it’s what I am thinking, some oxides, some high temp zirconium and yttrium, silica and alumina (Figures). Some are made to wear away in a controlled fashion, some are made to bond a lubricating surface to metal for sliding parts. Many are some composition of  cobalt and chromium. I know them for protective surface coatings  for turbines and the like. Not sure how that will work out in your everyday kiln. There are at least four or five categories of the se compositions melting from say 400C to  a high of maybe 1300C. I would only caution that you think about the ingredients and safety before doing this.

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