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Glaze Sludge in Bucket

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Hi All, about a week ago I mixed together a white dry glaze that keeps having thick sludge sink to the bottom. It’s a premade glaze I bought dry then mixed and sieved myself. It seems no matter what I do only this particular white glaze has about 1-1.5 inches of glaze sludge on the bottom of the bucket that is almost unmovable. You can stir the glaze surface wise but the sludge won’t move. It sticks to the base of the bucket like a magnet. In order to move it you have to REALLY get in there with something to break it up. Today I tried re mixing and re sieving the glaze and nothing changed. I know bucket glazes naturally have this on the bottom but this is excessive.

Anyone have any tricks to help? 


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I second the use of a little saturated Epsom salt solution on an already mixed glaze. Add Epsom salts to a cup of really hot water, and keep adding until you can’t dissolve any more. Scrape all the stuff off the bottom of your bucket and mix the glaze up thoroughly.  Add the Epsom salt solution to your bucket a teaspoon at a time (this stuff is potent!), and mix thoroughly in between additions. Your glaze will appear to thicken a bit, and you may have to adjust your water levels. The glaze will still settle if left sitting for a few weeks, but it won’t hardpan, and will stir up much more easily. 

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On 8/14/2019 at 4:06 PM, liambesaw said:

You can dissolve epsom salts in water and add it a teaspoon at a time until the glaze thickens a little.  Some people use bentonite at a 2% concentration

Liam makes a good point. @DMCosta Next time you mix glaze from dry, add 2% bentonite (by weight of the dry material). You'll want to dry mix it well so it doesn't clump. Combined with the epsom salts it'll do wonders. It's really difficult to add bentonite to a wet glaze, though. It clumps up something crazy.

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