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Speedball Wheel Voltage


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Hi every one,

Happy Christmas to all and family.

I've just purchased a SpeedBall Bos Elite wheel. The literature that came with it is vague about the voltage this equipment uses. Does it use 110 (American) or 220v (the rest of the world) hahahehe.

Can anyone who has the Speedball wheel clarify, or tell me what v you use.



Have a great day

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Andrea, Happy Christmas to you and your family also. Typically when an appliance is manufactured for multiple international markets, the literature is generic and avoids country-specific data. Two ways you can ascertain the exact specification of that wheel: 1)  look for an electrical rating tag somewhere on the control box that indicates the voltage and amperage drawn by the device; and 2) is the plug on the end of the power wire consistent with your local wall receptacle? If that unit was intended for the US 120V market, the plug would have American-style prongs, or if intended for sale in another country, it will have a plug compatible with that country's electrical system.

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