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Update: After poring through their online and paper catalogs, getting my hopes up, and finding nothing for less than approx $300 a semester involving clay education, I gave up briefly. Actually I was a little depressed and pissed off since I'd decided I really needed to take another class but I wasn't going over $250 and it was going to hurt if that much. Something kept nagging at me (probably Oldlady's and Preeta's posts)  so I decided for larks to pick up the t-e-l-e-y-phone and talk to an actual human. I found out they indeed have -wouldn't ya know it- community education classes ( I typed that into their search engine, also adult education, vocational, night classes, etc, with no results) -including the ubiquitous night classes for approx half of $300. You even get a bag of clay. Idaho had about the same fee but the class was only 6? can't remember now, nights and the last the teacher was completely involved in finals week for the kiddies. Anyway, enrolled in the next available. There were three, now two, spaces left. Happy happy joy joy!:D

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