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Kampong Pottery-Cambodia

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Last year I went to Cambodia for several weeks.My sister was living there for 6 months.

I hired a driver to take us out to Kampong Pottery area.It took the whole day from Phnom Penh .

This was one of our stops-I threw a pot on the tredle wheel in video and bought a pot from showroom in article from that man as well.They where very friendly and I have some raw clay made there and have yet to fire it.

This Japanese supported pottery was functioning well and making restaurant wares for Phnom Penh 

The kilns are chamber wood fired to cone 10.

The Japanese are trying to bring back Cambodian ceramics from before the Khmer Rouge wiped all history of it out.


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If you want to learn more about what all Cambodians have overcome and how it set back their society 20 years behind the rest of the world check out the film -The Killing Fields

Its not for the weak of heart but is a must for world history not to repeat itself.

The actual killing fields where to this day one of the most emotional experiences of my life. It would be the same with a visit to say Dachau in Europe .

One should at least once in a lifetime visit such a place to understand the brutality of mankind.

On a better note If you ever get to Cambodia Plan on at least 4 days at Angkor Wat the world heritage site

Its one of the worlds highlites a must visit 


You can fly direct to Siem Reap and visit these days. Its worth it.

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