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  1. Thank you for the quick responses. I will give it a try and post results…
  2. Good morning… looking to achieve a matt glaze finish over my underglaze washes. Is there a cone 6 matt glaze recipe that works best over underglaze for both white and dark clays ? Recommendations on what is the best specific gravity for a matt clear so it does not cloud the UG? I appreciate your assistance
  3. I am looking to get very white clay so I can do different glaze designs mainly underglazes with sgraffito. I want a white canvas I have tried Plainsman 370 and P300. they are still not white enough, I could use the very white porcelain but It is costly just for the whiteness as I don’t need translucent. Has anyone mixed white mason stain into Plainsman clay?or can anyone recommend another cone 6 throwing clay available in Canada thanks
  4. Sorry forgot to check back. Replaced my thermocouple and tested and checked my elements Success! thank you
  5. I have an Estrin electric kiln it is not reaching cone temp as per the self supporting Orrin cones . There is no error message and the elements were new in Sept 2020 and I have maybe fired 10 loads. The elements are in tact and no damage or signs of being burnt Could it be the thermocouple? what should I test next Any assistance would be appreciated
  6. Hi, Any recipes for a stable white cone 6 satin white glaze that breaks on texture would be greatly appreciated something similar to maybe this examples I found on Pinterest
  7. Had the bubbling and pitting issue using Plainsman coffee clay . It was suggested to me to englobe first https://plainsmanclays.com/data/index.php?product=12940 I am going to test mixing mason stain in m370 clay to get the dark coloured clay base I desire and then glaze over ... may cost more
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