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  1. UPDATE! I did buy the kiln and in those boxes and some others are about 30 boxes of cones and shelf stilts among other items like sand. The electrician came over yesterday and installed 220 and fired up the kiln and it works! Now, I have to make some items to fire. Thank you all again for your help. I'll post my results later!
  2. Hi Callie. Thank you for your reply. Here are some pictures of the plates. I don't know about furniture, I'll have to ask. They did say there were "a bunch of supplies" for $100.
  3. Thank you, Denice! There is a window but it is not where I would put the kiln. I'll have to talk to my husband about where to vent it. I could open the garage door a bit too. The only thing I do in the garage is laundry so I wouldn't be out there much.
  4. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and fairly new to ceramics. I am thinking of purchasing a used Cress FX-23p for $400. It was used for firing doll bodies and other porcelain items. It has not been used for awhile but worked fine while still making dolls. The seller said it can be tested on the spot (but I don't know what to do to test it). Here are a few photos, I have more if needed to see. I have no idea how old this kiln is as it is hard to find information on this model. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I am a ceramic student, just finished my 2nd semester, so I am definitely a newbie. I am working on a bachelors of fine art with an emphasis in ceramics. I like hand building but want to develop wheel skills, too.

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