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    liambesaw reacted to JohnnyK in Hi All y’All…Just wanted to let you know that I’m going in for hand surgery in a coup   
    All went well with the surgery now that all my fingers have gotten normal sensation. Up until about 10PM last night I was concerned because the ring finger was still numb and I thought there might have been some nerve damage, but sensation started to return before I went to bed. This morning, everything is about as normal as can be expected after a surgery. It will be about a month before I can resume normal everyday activities.

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    liambesaw reacted to Pres in Started a firing last night, something told me no right. I turned it off and waited t   
    70 here folks, thanks for the best wishes!
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    liambesaw reacted to Min in Packed for Big show-van weighs over 11K now with pots and tanks and lead weight belts   
    Have a good trip Mark! (no smoke there so far this summer like there was last year)
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    liambesaw reacted to Gabby in Man in checkered shirt looking at one of MY bowls (shelf right) at the reception for   
    I think it is great that you went.
    This way you can see very concretely whose day you made richer because you shared your work. 
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    liambesaw reacted to Gabby in I am finally back in the studio, hand- building. It is 23 degrees and I am snowed in.   
    In fact at 6:30AM I was at my table, carving a border onto a plaque. I have never made anything big and flat, so we will see how it survives. It is going to have an image "painted"in underglazes, including some oranges I am trying. [Now would I have called it hot here today? It was 34'.]
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