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  1. Maiolica is friggin' hard. 

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    2. yappystudent


      I was trying an abbreviated form of what I understand to be Maiolica: red clay w/ various white coverings. I got as far as this somewhat complicated process making three nice smooth-surfaced forms to experiment on, then tried working with some black oxide outlines, figuring I'd apply it to the greenware, stabilize it during bisque firing, then apply colored glazes and more detailed lines later. The oxide gets everywhere....spent most of my time cleaning up oxide mess on my piece and all over my workroom. I'm still finding smudges of it on my clothes, towels, countertops.... 

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      google Linda Arbuckle's handouts on Majolica. It is better to bisque very smooth earthenware, then dip in tin glaze, Majolica, then spray with stray starch or hairspray, the one OVER glazes. You can make them with stains, gerstley borate or a borate frit. straight oxides are not easy to use. CAD has a video of her too.

    4. Marcia Selsor
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