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  1. i think Min is referring to the style or lip that Robin Hopper shows in his several books.  

    Is it there? I can't remember? It's something I've been doing with spouts for so long I don't really think about it. Kinda thought most potters do this?

  2. Glazes look lovely.
    I think with the spout you have a couple things going on there, it could be a bit smaller as Nerd said but I also think it is angling down too much also. I would try pressing the side of your finger ever so slightly inwards and upwards just outside the lip at the same time as supporting the lip on the inside with another finger. Gives the spout a little lift and refines the shape of the spout. Do you think the body of the piece is wide enough to have a rim opening that size? Think I would play around with the proportions of the body versus the opening at the top. (if I knew how to add a picture here to explain the lip thing I would :wacko: )

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