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  1. But why throw thick if you don't have to. My porcelain is very very friendly. In my opinion it is the most throwable ( clay ) (any clay) I have worked with. This isn't the best example, it's an earlier test with a thin clear under a thin rutil blue . but it is 1/4 inch thick . with very little trimming . I have never seen or know from experience how thick or thin any other translucent porcelains are. I've never worked with southern ice or the cone 6 variation. I've heard the expansions of it and it sounds like it throws like cold bacon grease. Anyway if any of you have first hand knowledge
  2. Thanks. For all the information. Although I don't understand some of it. .. I have been working on a porcelain body for about 6 years now. It is cone 9 maybe 10. I have to do alot more testing still . it's been a long road, but a great drive. Anyway this is what I've been able to get
  3. its petes cranberry but modified
  4. no sorry this is the only pic i have of it, it is only partially glazed the spotted areas is bare clay which is the porcelaines clay i have been formulating including my secret spices, also petes cranberry yes but modified.
  5. Cone 10 to 11 the cons showing are 10 through 12 my kiln is hoter on top than bottom but this fifering was more different than usual
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