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  1. I TOOK THE LEAP. My poppies are now proper California Poppy orange. I just had my open studio and I was absolutely terrified that changing over from peach to orange would keep them from selling. On the contrary, I sold more than I have ever sold before! I'm delighted because the orange California Poppies are my favorite. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Mark (Marko) Madrazo said:

    Still beautiful work. I love the colors. they work well together. Is this Amaco Potters Choice on the inside? Very nice indeed. 

    It is two juicy layers of Amaco Deep Firebrick with one thin runny layer of Laguna Dynasty Red over the top. It's very pretty in person with lots of surface interest and the speckles in the Deep Firebrick come through. 


  3. I am sure they will sell, no one is buying the mug for the top color. They are just picking ones that match what they like I assume. The mug is getting bought for the beautiful carving I imagine? I think a cream wouldn't work. It will be too earthy, the bright colors really make the whole thing pop.  I think just abandon the white all together the bright colors make you happy, and happy people buy pots?!? lol.. But if they are selling over the others, keep the white! haha. I think that purple you have on the inside of some of your cups would look brilliant, but maybe you already tried it and didn't like it? 



    The bright color does make me happy so I think you're right, I should stick with it! This made me laugh. Love it. 


    I have tried the purple, in fact it's one of the most popular colors with this design. It looks wonderful if I do say so myself. The purple, sky blue and peach are the best sellers definitely but I have a feeling the teal will do well and the red sells well too. In fact the peach is in high demand. I personally was going to nix the peach because it's lower contrast with the clay but I currently have six mugs requested in peach!  





  4. I don't like white with speckled clay body personally. I feel the same way. I also like my whites to be thick and fat looking if that makes sense? lol.


    I don't like thin watery looking whites. So yes, I think I see what you mean! 


    I am thinking of trying a creamy white or a satin white instead of this white gloss. 


    I think I don't like the white with speckles either. I like other colors with the speckles. Love lime green, peach, aqua with the speckles. If it's going to be white I want really white. Oh well, I only made three mugs in white and two have sold so at least I don't have to keep them ! ;) 

  5. that is the correct color for california poppies.  i planted some of their seeds on my hillside farm and they were fabulous for several years.  the color makes me smile.


    I originally did peach because I didn't have any orange. And I think the peach looks pretty. But I'm thinking about adding in some orange poppies as well because it's more accurate. BUT California poppies do come in a variety of colors. So the peach isn't impossible, it's just more rare.



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