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  1. I had thought of applying to show five cups in the Cup: The Intimate Object show at the Charlie Cummings gallery in the fall. I was a bit intimidated by the resume requirement. Do they only accept artists with formal training and a degree? I was curious if anybody knows.

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    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      'm one of those collage trained potters but have NEVER been asked that in any show -EVER-compitions are a different animal-never applied to many and those where long ago

    3. Chilly


      Only way to find out is send in two applications. One from the real you, one from the person you would have beem. If the pretend you gets in, you can always decline. Can't imagine they'd check up........


    4. Denice


      I have noticed that at our local shows that most of the artist are from out of state. I thought about submitting a entry from my sisters address in Sacramento.

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