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  1. karen, could you please correct your title on the strontium glaze question?  

    1. KarenB


      What should it say? 


    2. oldlady


      two different ingredients are mentioned.  the title says barium and the body of the post says lithium.  which is it?

    3. KarenB


      I think the title is accurate. I am substituting Stontium for Barium, like the title. Lithium is not an issue here. Thank you for checking! I appreciate the time you take to do this.



  2. This is the recipe that is now not equaling 100%. Thanks, Karen B
  3. I am going to sub Strontium for Lithium in a John Britt recipe for Heino Blue. He says to reduce the Strontium to 75%. But, I don’t know how to recalculate the rest of the ingredients so they equal 100%. Do I need to? If so, how would I do that? I have no idea. Thanks. Karen
  4. Thank you, that’s really interesting.
  5. Near the end of a cone 04 bisque, I noticed the screen with the uneven percentages and the almost even temperatures. (See picture). This is puzzling me. They are at the setpoint, so why are the percentages different? Karen
  6. I’ve got my kiln “perfect” top to bottom. Cones exactly the same.
  7. Is there any “dewatering” in the glaze fire? I wasn’t sure if that was completely taken care of in the Bisque. I have always considered the Quartz conversion vital but can only find info on bisque issues. Thanks
  8. So you’re saying it’s important to go slow in the last 200 degrees, otherwise there is no chemical water or Quartz inversion to deal with? As I said, cool down is not the issue.
  9. So Mark, on the way up, the speed is safe but will change the results. Or are you saying that the Quartz inversion temp is still risky to speed through? Thanks
  10. I understand that chemically bonded water leaves the clay at temperature between 660 and 1470f, and quartz inversion begins at 1070f. And, that these are critical points in the bisque that shouldn’t be rushed. My questions are, are these temperatures also the critical in the glaze firing, at cone 6? Is it risky to fire up quickly to temp? I normally don’t (which is more expensive). I am now firing another persons pots with mine, and she asked me if I could fire up (a lot) faster. We have mostly porcelain pieces, but sometimes some stoneware too. Cooling is not at issue here.
  11. I guess, but with this tall pot, I’d rather balance the temp. Thanks!
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