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  1. Brilliant ideas. Thanks very much. I'm going to try putting dry mason stain on the feather and ithen mpressing it into the soft clay. And Im going to impress the feather into the clay and then, when bone dry maybe, dust with dry mason stain. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. What an interesting idea! Maybe I'll get out the old make-up brushes. I would think bone-dry would be the best surface--you could really dust the unwanted stain away. I'll let you know how it works.
  3. Thanks for the good ideas. Here's the problem: I'm impressing FEATHERS in soft earthenware, bisquing, and then using a wash of underglaze to emphasize the design. (Maybe that's not even mishima.) So the carve-through-wax technique, though great, isn't appropriate. And I think the impression is too shallow to wash and then scrape back at the bone dry stage...but maybe. Any other thoughts? I have attached an image.
  4. I find that the velvet black underglaze sticks at least at cone 02, possibly lower.
  5. I'm using a black underglaze wash for Mishima work on bisqued, white earthenware. When I sponge it off, (sponge just damp,) the wash stains badly in areas where I don't want it. I've tried waxing around the design, (okay but can't wax exactly due to the complexity of the design,) and sanding, (also just okay because the incised design is shallow.) Is there a brand of underglaze that doesn't stain when wiped back? Other suggestions? Thanks for the help.
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