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  1. New kiln arrived and is in place.  Got the kiln vent installed too.  If the pending hurricane doesn't drop too much water on us...should  be able to test fire soon.


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    2. glazenerd


      Be safe during the storm; looks very nasty on TV. Then go break that new kiln in. Enjoy!


    3. lgusten


      Thank you.  Luckily, we are in central NC.   The rain is beginning for our area now off and on.  Tonight and tomorrow it is supposed to be the worst of it.  We have sandbagged the restoration studio which also holds my slab roller and clay.  The studio is at a lower level than the house and floods if we get too much rain and 5" to 12" of rain is too much.  Test firing will have  to wait until I am sure that the power won't go out and the basement doesn't take on water.  

      Send all your good thoughts to the Seagrove potters...looks like they may get more bad weather than we'll get outside of Winston-Salem.

    4. lgusten


      My husband just finished putting the plastic under the sandbags and bags of soil and other stuff in front of the door... A little overkill, but it should stay dry.  Water is already puddling in front of the studio.

      Studio Prep for Florence.jpg

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