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  1. Dear friends. Thank you all very much for your prayers and positive thoughts. I love you!! Surgery went well but this time I had problems with the anesthesia and so I am not really up to par yet. But also this will pass. I am looking forward: now that I had surgery on both hands, everything can only get better. I am glad that I am not a squid... haha. See you soon again... Hugs

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    2. Marko


      That is good news Evelyn. I am so glad everything went well. Going to the hospital, for anything, is never a pleasant trip, but sometimes necessary. Now you must rest and do not try to use your hands so much. We will be glad to have you back and in good health. Sending you a ((((BIG HUG)))and healing thoughts. Please rest. I hope your husband is a good cook, lol.

    3. GiselleNo5


      Rest up and relax! Hope you are doing better every day.

    4. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Thank you my friends! Yes, my husband is a good cook, but he doesn't like to cook. Bummer ;-)More reason for me to first heal completely before I start working again, no matter where... (giggle)

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