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    A hay field in E.Washington
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    Rodents of all kinds (GUINEA PEEGS), lagomorphs of all kinds, walruses, east Asian dragons, elephants, micaceous redart (yumyumyummy), charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, good food (Chinese!!), oldschool NES and SNES games, Chinese and Japanese ink paintings, obnoxious metal music, cute things, geeky comic book stuff, piercings and well-made tattoos.

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  1. Whewie, my paws are SOOORE today. So worth it, though; I made some adorable progress on Cap'n Cavy. His left leg is just about finished! Check out his SWEET lil' boot on my thread! Very proud. ♥

    1. Denice


      I know how you feel I finished glazing a seed pot today that has a butterfly design on it. I started having trouble with my eyes the other day. I am hoping that this bout of optic neuritis doesn't last long.

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Oh, great. You take care of those eyes, lady; they are most precious. Yeah, I'm pretty bummed out about my hands... I guess I had better stick to smaller scale pieces. 7" is too tall for Guinea's busted paws... :'(

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