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    A hay field in E.Washington
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    Rodents of all kinds (GUINEA PEEGS), lagomorphs of all kinds, walruses, east Asian dragons, elephants, micaceous redart (yumyumyummy), charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, good food (Chinese!!), oldschool NES and SNES games, Chinese and Japanese ink paintings, obnoxious metal music, cute things, geeky comic book stuff, piercings and well-made tattoos.

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  1. So, my fella is awesome. He found a grippy turnstyle thingy at a thrift store and got it for me. It has little padded prongs to grip cup-like objects for decorating, so I don't have to hold it while I underglaze! ^_^

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    2. Babs


      Lucky Day, keep this fella

    3. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      We've been together a year and a half, and no way his butt is takin' off on me. ^_^ He's an artist, too! ♥

    4. glazenerd


      In a couple of more weeks; wife and I are coming up on 35 years.Just to remind you- it can be done!

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