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    Now retired from 30+ years in behavioral health services, I am back to enjoying and making art. I hold a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I have set up a small, functional, in-home studio, with an L&L Easy-Fire on the back porch. In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing.

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  1. Well, it's got nuthin to do with ceramics, but  a big black bear just helped himself to the suet cakes hanging from my car port roof. He made a crushed wire mess of my pricey squirrel proof double cake suet hanger. I've been hanging suet for 8 years w/o being visited by a big fuzzy thief.  Guess I won't be putting that out anymore. Did I mention he was big? (And beautiful-a treat to see, truth be told).

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    2. lgusten


      Up on the porch is too close!!!  We occasionally have bears wander down....but it makes the news.  And the wildlife people are very good about getting the word out to not disturb the bears as they will wander back home.   Hopefully, your bear will wander back on the ridge.  You could put the feed on the ground....most of our birds will eat the seed the deer have spilled from the feeders.  

    3. LeeU


      I'll have to put my bear claws clay stamps to good use so I'm not clogging up the board with off-topic stuff! I'll make more biz card holders. There were 3  last nite--very unusual--mom  & 2 cubs--got in all the trash ready for pick up.  We're a single little street at the base of a small mountain, and near a big lake. The landlord called the fish & game guys--I think they encouraged them to go back home using the scent of dogs.  


      DT 1.jpg

    4. lgusten


      The bear stories are artistic inspiration.  We now have some fodder for our creative sides.  I have been working on a bear shape for my animal figures. 

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